Abalos donates hard hats and board games to ERIS!

Mayor Carmelita "Menchie" Abalos turnover hard hats and board games to Eulogio Rodriguez Integrated School (ERIS) on July 3. More than 5 thousand hard hats and different kinds of board games were given by Abalos to ERISians for Elementary and High School libraries. The purpose of the hard hats is to protect and prepare everyone when something comes unexpectedly like earthquakes and other disasters.

"Yung hard hats kakailanganin yan kapag may case of emergency lalo na yung earthquake kaya importante iyan para sa inyong mga mag-aaral para sa kaligtasan ninyong lahat", Abalos said. According to her that board games will enhance the thinking skills of the students. Mr. Romeo E. Bandal, ERIS Principal IV acknowledged Abalos during his opening remarks and greeted her a happy birthday.

Maria Venancia P. Causon

Hooray to our new Assistant Principal!

Continuing her passion, bringing prosperity to her next destination

By: Mikka Morales

She forces attendance rules, responds to disciplinary issues, works with teachers to develop curriculum standards, supervisor grounds and facilities maintenance and oftenly checks on students during class hours. These are just some of her main duties, she is the new Eulogio Rodriguez Integrated School (ERIS) Assistant Principal, Maria Venancia Causon.

Causon use to work in Highway Hills Integrated School for a decade as a guidance teacher, a Senior High School teacher, and as an Assistant to the Principal. Through her various and long journies, there is no doubt she perfectly fits in her role in our school. But of course, her life does not only revolve in our school grounds.

Our Assistant Principal is a 39-year-old married woman with two children, the eldest who is currently on her first year in high school and a son on junior nursery. And she’s doing very well in balancing her personal and work life.

Despite having workloads to do, Causon never neglects her responsibilities as a wife and a mother. According to her, she does not particularly prefer to bring her unfinished job at home; finishing it until the last minute, During weekends, she loves staying home to bond and spend quality time with her family, just like a mother usually does.

Surely, everyone has their own publicly acknowledge trait, and Causon is no exception. There is no problem we are unable to solve, and this seems like her motto in life. Causon always takes the initiative to ac once a problem arises. Isn’t this a good practice applicable to students as well?

Meanwhile, Causon also shared some of her job experiences as our new Assistant Principal. Being a keen observant, and frequently being engaged with other teachers and students, she quickly noticed the characteristics of the people surrounding her.

“Sa ngayon naman, sabihin nating mababait ang mga teacher at students,” was what she said during the interview. Causon also added, that due to the politeness and translucent respect she is receiving since she was transferred in ERIS, she is having a great time in her new workplace.

The students of ERIS revered teachers, she remarked. They greet school staffs regardless of having no knowledge or familiarity of them. Additionally, the students are obedient and disciplined. But she strongly recommends the improvement on the latter.

Unequivocally, Causon will bring further improvement to the prosperity of the school. She has a lengthy of time working on the premises of ERIS, and she deserves to feel cozy and comfortable, just like how we students considered the school as our second home. And the first step to do so? Giving Causon a pleasant and warm welcoming.

Crime inducing Human trafficking

As an awareness to human trafficking, students of Eulogio Rodriguez Integrated School had an exposure last June 13, led by the advocator, Ms. Mercedes Carla.

According to Ms. Mercedes, "Human trafficking is a crime against humanity. It is considered one of the most profitable organized crimes in the world as if generates almost $32 billion each year"

The advocator mentioned that approximately 80% are women and children bought, sold and imprisoned in the underground sex service industry, the average life span of a victim is reported to be 7 years sometimes found dead from abuse, HIV, malnutrition, overdose or suicide.

Children are adviced to not be tricked by the traffickers for their safety. The 3 most common types of human trafficking were shown to the children.

For labor, the first type of human trafficking where someone is forced to work in order to fulfill their needs. Debt bondage, the second type where someone is required to work in order to pay a debt.

Lastly, sex trafficking, it affects women and children where involves forced participation in commercial sex acts. Sex trafficking has the highest rate among the three types of human trafficking according to the graphs. Yearly, traffickers exploit 1 million children in the commercial sex trade.

Signs of human trafficking were also presented. A person who has been trafficked may show signs that their movement is controlled, have false identity, not know their home, unable to negotiate working conditions and work excessively long hours.

United Nations Office on drugs and crime (UNODC) report stated that at least one element from each of the three group is required before the definition applies which is the criminal act of recruitment of persons within national borders. By means of threat or abduction to a person in control of the victim. Lastly, the purpose of exploitation which include of a minimum, exploiting the prostitution of others and the removal of organs.

ERIS bags Eco-Fashionista Division Championship

ERIS bags Eco-Fashionista Division championship.

ERIS won in the division level contest of eco-fashionista on October 12 at the Municipality Hall of Mandaluyong City.

Lychia Rhaine Marie Patricinio of 10-Thomas felt so much pressure during the contest but later on felt ease and tremendous excitement after winning the pageant.

Her attire was made out of plastic caps from water bottles which is designed by Mr. Reymart Molde, a TLE educator and mentor of the eco-fashionista representative. Patricinio also acknowledged the help of her fellow Grade 10 students.

ERIS family congratulated Patricinio through showing ample of love and support during and after the said competition.

Journalists are eager to have an interview with the winner and to congratulate as well.

"You can create amazing things by the help of garbages," said by Patricinio when asked about how will she associate this experience as a student of her school.

Patricinio also learned that using garbage is really helpful to the environment.

It can avoid the flood, air and water pollution, and man-made disaster.

Eco-fashionista is not all about the beauty of the created wear, but it should also give awareness to people about the value of taking care of our environment.

As Patricinio won the title, she also gained the most valuable lesson about the said competition.